‘Expressive Matters’ is the term New York City uses to describe art work being displayed and sold in it's parks and public spaces. The city allows artists to display and sell their own work in parks and on the streets, without license, as long as they follow simple rules and guidelines.

On Saturday 19th October, New Apostle Gallery will be an Expressive Matters Vendor in Washington Square Park* in Greenwich Village, NYC.

The park is well known for its promotion of the Arts and also public demonstration. Many of New York City's best known artists exhibited here, including American Expressionists Jackson Pollock and Willem DeKooning through to Street Artists Keith Haring and Jean Michel Basquiat.

(For more info about artwork on the streets of NYC please see the following:

New Apostle Gallery will curate a group show in the middle of the park. Each selected artist will be provided with a display stand (measuring no more than 8ft x 3ft x 5ft). The stand can be customized to suit the artists specific requirements. Artwork can be displayed on the outside of the walls, sat on a platform or even installed on the inside of the walls. It can be hung or painted/attached directly on the walls. Each artist is encouraged to create something specifically for the show based on the theme and come up with expressive ways to display their artwork. Set-up will begin at 8am Saturday 19th August and the show will run from 10am till 6pm, and breakdown will be until 8pm. Each artist MUST be present for the entire duration of the show (or have somebody present in their place). All artwork will be for sale and artists participation subject to contractual agreement.

Display Stand


To participate all artists must complete the following application. Successful artists will be selected based on the work/concept they wish to display. Artists are welcome to put in multiple applications. Thank you.

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*Pending Permit approval