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With a message to convey, each of New Apostle Gallery’s artists utilize various mediums to deliver it. Committing to their creative outlets as modes to challenge societal norms, our artists are all vocational and creative practitioners, each using their individual skills to inspire the audience to self reflect and view the world around them through a different lens.

New Apostle gallery is dedicated to giving a platform to non-conformists, game changers and ground breakers to create and deliver their messages.



Image: Michael Yee-Chong

Image: Michael Yee-Chong


David Hollier is a Brooklyn-based contemporary artist, born and raised in Wolverhampton, U.K. To date his body of work features collections ranging from private commissions to large-scale public artworks, in New York, London and throughout the world.

In his textual paintings, Hollier recreates portraits and objects using verse and prose. He invites his audience to hear his art through sturdy words - some that challenge injustice and inequality others that just hum a favorite tune. Words that transcend time and cultures.   

From political icons to pop princesses, Hollier's work faithfully seeks out the place where politics and pop culture intersect. At its core his work is rigorous inquiry.

Mastering free-form, hand-drawn calligraphy, using brush strokes to visually depict a picture is central to Hollier's working method. Stylistically, Imago Verbosa (meaning an image made of words) happens on the surface, in the contrast, between dark and light. Each character is individually hand-painted using acrylics on board and canvas, or a vintage typewriter.

Hollier's artistic vocabulary spans public art and photorealism influenced by his early years as a muralist and his training in visual art.  He earned his bachelor’s degree in visual art from the University of Northumbria, and studied for a master’s degree in computer imaging and animation from London Guildhall University. Currently, Hollier serves as an adjunct professor at Parsons The New School for Design in New York City.


Through solo and group shows/art fairs in both the United States and Europe, from New Jersey to Brussels, Hollier continues to showcase his thought-provoking paintings and prints, gaining increasing attention and a devoted following of its own.  




    Frank hyder


Frank Hyder has participated in more than 200 group shows and over 100 solo exhibitions throughout the Americas, Asia and Europe, including 10 individual exhibitions in New York City.  Solo museum exhibitions in Venezuela at the Museum of Modern Art Caracas, Museo Jacobo Borges, Museum of Modern Art Zulia, Museo Universidad de Los Andes and Museum of Modern Art Coro.  Other solo museum exhibitions:  Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art, Carnegie Museum CA, La Salle Museum of Art, National Museum of Catholic Art and History and The Noyes Museum.  He is one of ten artists whose heroic inflatables formed the “Giants in the City” exhibition in Miami during Art Basel Miami.  He also had a six-month exhibition in the Philadelphia Airport.  He was among 80 artists selected as part of an exhibit of graduates of the Maryland Institute College of Art showcasing 160 years.  He recently showed his “Janis Project” at the Museum of the Pennsylvania Academy of Art and the Art Students League of New York City.  He was selected to create a piece in the Pennsylvania Convention Center, was selected to create a ceramic installation in Oxnard, California and was a finalist for the Oregon Department of Transportation building and the Penn Treaty Park I-95 Access Project.  He has created numerous murals with the prestigious Mural Arts Program of Philadelphia.  He recently created an interactive urban project with the Chicago Loop Authority.

Education:  BFA – Maryland Institute College of Art, attended the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture and MFA – University of Pennsylvania.

Collections:  Library of Congress, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Pennsylvania Convention Center, Grand Rapids Museum of Art, Woodmere Museum, La Salle Museum, James Michener Museum of Art, Museum of Modern Art, Caracas, Museum Jacobo Borges, Caracas, Museum of Contemporary Art Zulia, Maracaibo, Venezuela.

Major Awards:  National Endowment grant in experimental prints, Senior Fulbright Research Grant to Venezuela, U.S. Embassy Cultural Grants, MidAtlantic NEA in sculpture, two Pennsylvania State Council of the Arts Grants in painting and an International Art Programming Network Partners Grant (Bolivia, Peru, Turkey).  First Place National Painting show at Brenau University, Georgia.  Best in show Pennsylvania State Museum.  Public commissions:  City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program “Hanging Garden of I-95” wall mural; Terminal Freezer, Oxnard, CA, ceramic wall mural; and the Museo Jacobo Borges “Bridge of Life” ceramic walkway in Caracas, Venezuela. 

He was chairman of Fine Arts and faculty member at the Moore College of Art and Design and faculty member at the University  of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Fine Arts.  His works have been featured in Color in Contemporary Painting, The Art of Watercolor, The Song of the City, and Artist Homes and Studios.  His works have been reviewed in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Examiner, ArtNews and Art in America.




    demelza toy toy


Demelza Woodbridge (AKA Demelza Toy Toy) is a London based artist who predominantly works with performance and sound. Her work explores the connections between the autobiographical, socio-political, historical and cultural landscapes to engage with dialogues and questions of the body and identity. 

The purpose of Demelza’s interventions through art-making is to disrupt and interrogate power dynamics, challenge cultural biases and sloppy assumptions of culturally specific bodies. She uses DIY mythologies to set the conditions for live performance; to create an event that seeks to disturb the idea of what is real and what is imaginary; to activate the space between the self and the world and its potential to destabilise narratives attached to the culturally performing body. Demelza often juxtaposes elements of vulnerability and humour and time is a recurring theme in her work.

Demelza has work in the Stanley Kubrick Archive (London, UK) and has presented works at the ICA (London, UK), Tate Modern (London, UK), Fish Island (Bristol, UK), Unsound Festival (Krakow, Poland), Revolve Performance Festival (Uppsala, Sweden) and Die Kommunale Galerie (Berlin).





Image: Soren Starbird

Image: Soren Starbird


ELLE’s work is evocative, alluring, lavish, outrageous, purposeful and informative. Although she began as an illegal graffiti artist in New York, ELLE is now considered one of the top touring street artists. “ELLE has created some of the most memorable walls in all streetart” - Women Street Artists, book by Xavier Tapies. 

ELLE considers her paintings to be poetry. She creates stories by collaging disparate images: powerful females, flora and fauna, classical paintings juxtaposed with pop-culture and high fashion imagery, revealing a purposefully designed messages to the world. Her passion for the environment and feminism are shown in the transparency of messages throughout her pieces. ELLE’s current agenda is raising awareness of the hazards of global warming and ocean acidification affecting the world’s reefs.

Her work has been exhibited in the prestigious Saatchi Gallery in London, Urban Nation Museum in Berlin, and as a two hundred foot tall projection onto the facade of the New Museum in New York. Vogue Australia featured ELLE’s recent artworks in “32 pieces of Melbourne street art to see before you die,” and her graffiti is featured in the new Tom Clancy video game: The Division. “She holds specific and hard to find creative talent which cannot be taught nor replicated”- The Taboo Group.

ELLE was approached to collaborate with sportswear brand Reebok. The brief was to take her energetic street style and apply it to clothing. The result, the 2016 ELLExReebok graffiti legging and subsequently, the 2017 ELLExReebok yoga capsule collection.

ELLE was commissioned by IKEA to produce a piece that was was sold in every store worldwide. She has collaborated with the Guess Foundation, Lyft, Vice, Etnia Barcelona, Smart Car, MR Robot TV, Iceland Airwaves, TNT Entertainment and clothing companies Mishka, Mighty Healthy and more.

Elle's work has been published in the following books: "Surface" by Soren Starbird, "Outdoor Gallery" by Yoav Litvin, "The Art of Spray" by Lori Zimmer, "The Wynwood Coloring book" by Diego Orlandini, "In Heroes we Trust" by Neely, and "Street Art Today - The 50 most influential street artists," by by Bjørn‏ van Poucke and Elise Luong, "Women Street Artists, the Complete Guide" by Ian Castello, and "Spray on Walls: Urban Adventure of Graffiti Art," by SendPoints Publishing. 

“Brooklyn's ELLE is at the front of a pack of female street and graffiti artists clawing their way into what has historically been a male-run art scene”




Haley hughes


Haley Hughes was born in Paradise, CA in 1984. She is a self-taught artist and has lived and worked in Brooklyn for the past fourteen years. Her paintings and sculptures act as a form of visual and emotional journalism. The mobility and accessibility of the image as both charted landscape and unfolding narrative are important to her work. They are abstracted narratives of current events, war, globalism, drone attacks,global warming, mass shootings, capital and politics as seen through a Technicolor dreamscape. The colors, patterns and symbolism of Islamic and Indian art as well as the narrative trajectories of 17th century Chinese scrolls inspire her work. Hughes has been published in the Nation Magazine, Vellum Magazine. She is the WaterMill Collection and has shown at Flux Factory, EFA Project Space, The Sunview Luncheonette, Field Projects, The Whitney Huston Biennial. She is a former I-Park resident and an acting member of the Dome Theatre performing at the SpringBreak Art Fair, Scope, Saint Marks Church, Dixon Place and more.


Michael Yee-chong


Michael is an artist based in Hackney, born and bred in London. He studied for his BA Mixed Media Art at University of Westminster and MA Photography at London College of Communication.

Constantly developing as an artist with photography at the core of his practice. He uses photography as a creative tool, to record and construct images and articulate ideas through making work. His philosophy is to research and experiment within our culture trying to bring out new meanings and subverting previous ones. His work is concerned with issue based material, the focus has become the body as point of reference. Exploring avenues of the internal, the personal and identity.

Michael is interested in the outsider figure in society or rather the ones that do not conform to societies rules. An individual who is considered an outsider is defined as such by living a lifestyle or representing a race or culture that is considered by those in power to be outside the established order, particularly someone who ignores or challenges social norms.

He is currently building on a body of work and book with a contemporary style and edge that would hopefully suit the modern day life style with its media saturated social media content. His own personal history and lifestyle having been involved in and around music, art and club culture has fueled his work, style and aesthetic.

Ultimately Michael’s language is the photographic print and has contributed to various group shows, magazines and publications - The ICA, Rough Trade Records, NME, Free Range and the Hackney Wicked to name a few.