demelza toy toy


Demelza Woodbridge (AKA Demelza Toy Toy) is a London based artist who predominantly works with performance and sound. Her work explores the connections between the autobiographical, socio-political, historical and cultural landscapes to engage with dialogues and questions of the body and identity. 

The purpose of Demelza’s interventions through art-making is to disrupt and interrogate power dynamics, challenge cultural biases and sloppy assumptions of culturally specific bodies. She uses DIY mythologies to set the conditions for live performance; to create an event that seeks to disturb the idea of what is real and what is imaginary; to activate the space between the self and the world and its potential to destabilise narratives attached to the culturally performing body. Demelza often juxtaposes elements of vulnerability and humour and time is a recurring theme in her work.

Demelza has work in the Stanley Kubrick Archive (London, UK) and has presented works at the ICA (London, UK), Tate Modern (London, UK), Fish Island (Bristol, UK), Unsound Festival (Krakow, Poland), Revolve Performance Festival (Uppsala, Sweden) and Die Kommunale Galerie (Berlin).